1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396

 レトロっていうか、人間がもう古くなってしまったのか、最近は古くて良いもの(ビンテージ物)に関心が有りますね。ものだけでなく人間にも興味は有りますね。ビンテージな人に … !!

 最近、興味を持って私的時間を費やしていることに60〜70年代の吉田拓郎の曲を YouTube からダウンロードして AAC に変換して聞いています。音質重視と行きたいところですが、YouTube が画像投稿サイトですのでそう贅沢ばかりは言ってられませんので、とにかく片っ端からダウンロードしています。しかし悲しいかなここセブ島ではネット環境が整っていませんのでサクサクとは行きませんが、そこはセブ島に慣れたと言うかもう既にあきらめの境地なのかボチボチですね。

 そんなことをしていたら寺尾聡の「 Re-Cool 」ってやつが有ったので試しにダウしてみたらこれがなかなか音質が良いんですね。たまには良いものにぶつからなければやってられませんがね。

 良いものと言えばあまり知られていない車の 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 の貴重な画像写真を見つけましたのでご紹介しますね。

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*** This car to be offered at Dana Mecum’s Original Spring Classic Auction May 15-16-17-18 in Indianapolis, IN ***
*** Auction Selling Time For This Lot is Saturday 3:25 PM ***

With its divisional rivals all using 400 cubic inch engines, Chevrolet offered no fewer than four versions of its 396 cubic inch big block in the 1966 Chevelle SS, which had become a stand-alone model. Second in the horsepower rankings was the 360 horsepower L34 version, which included a hotter cam, four-bolt main bearing caps and a larger Holley carburetor.

The car also received all new styling that departed from the squarish contours of the previous model and adopted more curvaceous lines that heralded one of the most successful eras in GM styling. Gently curving sides combined with a semi-fastback, flying-buttress roof and restrained use of bright metal to produce a particularly handsome car that, at 2,900 dollars, was a bargain.

This restored 1966 SS396 has been with the same Oregon owner for eighteen years. Powered by a matching-numbers L34 396 mated to a Muncie 4-speed, it is fitted with Chevrolet’s unique cowl plenum air cleaner assembly. A 12 bolt rear end and 3.36:1 Positraction unit put the power to the ground. All components are correctly date coded; inspection reveals careful attention to detail, right down to the exhaust manifold locking clips.

The Black interior comprises a number of popular options that bring out the best of the car’s nature, including A51 Strato-Bucket seats, U14 special instrumentation, U16 “Knee Knocker” tachometer, U69 AM/FM radio with U80 auxilary speaker, N33 Comfortilt steering column, N34 wood grain Sports steering wheel and D55 center console.

The skillfully applied Chateau Slate color is a rare choice that combines very handsomely with the spoked SS wheelcovers and Red Line tires to compliment the car’s contours. The beneficiary of a ground-up restoration, the car is a multiple award-winner, scoring 996 of 1,000 points at the 2007 Super Chevy Show.


– Numbers matching L34 396/360hp 4-speed
– Same Oregon owners for the past 18 years
– Ground-up restoration
– Multiple award winner
– All components are correctly dated
– Scored 996 out of 1000 points at 2007 Super Chevy Show
– Rear cowl plenum
– 12 bolt posi-traction rear end
– Factory gauges
– Knee Knocker tachometer
– AM/FM with rear seat speakers
– Tilt column
– Wood grain steering wheel
– Center console
– Factory mag wheel covers
– Redline tires




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